Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lemon Shake Ups

A summertime favorite in the midwest, a friend from California asked me what the heck a Lemon Shake Up is. At a recent church festival, I was asked to volunteer. It was packed and they were shorthanded. My kids were off having fun and my wife was committed to cotton candy making, So I said sure, what do you need? Lemon Shake Ups. I had no idea how to make one, but I had had one that very afternoon at a local open-air retail mall while I was doing visual audits at various stores. How hard can it be? The next two hours were all about mixing, shaking and pulling in the bucks for St. Tim's. I'm glad I could help and I learned something new. Below is the recipe, embellish at will.
Well, let me tell you-got it memorized: big glass, scoop of sugar (no idea-it looked to be about 1/8 cup)fill w ice then water. Juice 1/2 lemon, rind and juice go in sugar_water mix. (Add vodka when/where appropriate.) Here's the fun part: take paper cup of suitable size, cap the glass tightly with it and shake vigorously. Dump into paper cup. Lemon Shake Up.
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