Monday, May 3, 2010

Women Will Swap Personal Information for Personal Attention?

I say it’s not that simple.

Some of the 1,800 women participating in a survey by Q Interactive may have taken to heart the catch-phrase from a commercial that's frequently heard on British television - "Because you’re worth it." How open are women to targeted online ads?

According to the survey, 65 percent of the participants were delighted at receiving targeted online ads, exclaiming "Cool! How did they know I wanted this?" Of those surveyed 88 percent "wish brands they trust sent them more tailored offers."

But what they particularly appreciated was receiving gifts to show they are appreciated. To build an online relationship with women, brands need to "give me something" according to 58 percent of women; "get to know me better first" for over 19 percent; and "tell me something valuable" for over 17 percent.

I'm not convinced that women (or men for that matter) differentiate their acceptance of online vs. other media messages as much as, say, an interactive agency might think. (Of course, that 1800 subject sample was probably skewed toward heavy internet users.)

The quid pro quo of "giving something" is simply a barrier to entry for this level of engagement. We need to not only get their attention, but the product/service must meet or exceed expectations AND if we want to maintain an ongoing relationship, it needs to be compelling and relevant over time.

Studies have shown that multi-faceted programs of engagement work best--tailor direct communication through a variety of channels and perhaps let your customer choose which way to engage your brand. That deepens the relationship even further.

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