Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Culture Junk: The Experience of AndrewAndrew

The closing night of the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art’s Time Based Arts festival—TBA:10—featured iPad DJs AndrewAndrew. To call them DJs or even iPad DJs doesn’t begin to describe the experience. They crafted a crazy mix of social commentary, music from all over the spectrum and technology that wow’ed us.

These guys are smart, funny and pretty snappy dressers.  Learn more about their multi-talented, multi-faceted lives here:  Be sure to check out the iPad interface and the Neil Diamond and Beyonce cuts they use and of course the parallels they draw between 1970s German terrorism and the current state of the world. 

It was the best time we’ve had in a long time.

(Special thanks to our friend Kim W who curated our weekend in Portland O.)

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