Friday, November 5, 2010

Converse Blank Canvas: Principles of Consumer Centricity #10: Write the Shared Story Together

People have been doodling on and customizing their apparel for ever.  Fashion dictates, in some circles, that you make it your own.

Converse is doing some pretty cool stuff.  Chuck Taylors have been a wardrobe staple of rock n roll, youth and old guys like me for ever.  In recent years they have really hit their stride and opened up their brand.  (For a glimpse of what they’re doing click the link below —be sure to click “MUSIC”.)

Their Blank Canvas program which has been event based is popping up in Utrect Art Supply Stores.  It’s such a simple and beautiful idea: plain white Chucks and the means to make them you own (with Molotow ONE4ALL Paint Markers).  They’ve been doing this as event/promotion for years.  Now they’re bringing it to retail. 


This is a perfect example of Principle #10 of the Principles of Consumer Centricity. Write the shared story of the brand & consumer together.  Let your customer choose how to converse (that’s conVERSE, not CONverse) with the brand and allow the experience with the brand to be personalized and customized to develop deep emotional ties.

Converse Chuck Taylor:

Utrect Art Supply Stores

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