Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Retail Look Back Part 4: The Engagment Stream

Consumers are relying on their “streams” more and more to edit and articulate the information they want and need.

The Home Depot sold 250,000 Turkey Fryers leading up to Thanksgiving 2010 through their Facebook wall.

While you are hunting for deals on Facebook, you’ll get both direct and indirect valuable offers and information from all the brands you’ve “liked” there.  The email newsletters in your inbox provide exclusive offers and information you have opted to receive. 


Facebook and email remain two of the most important channels for receiving information, and small and large retailers use those tools to stay in touch.  We see things in a continual stream that we can edit and control. We can pick and delete the messages we want and begin to understand how that information influences our purchase decisions.


Many of us willingly conduct constant conversations with the products and services, retailers, and restaurants we like. Here in Columbus, Dirty Franks Hot Dog Palace, Surly Girl Saloon, and The Wexner Center do a great job of using Facebook and Twitter to keep the conversation going, give us valuable information, and keep us coming back.

Next: Part 5: Creative Alliances

Originally published: Retail 2010: The Year in Review | The Metropreneur Columbus

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