Saturday, March 12, 2011

Consumer + Brand Together: The Ongoing Conversation


Consumers are writing new content every moment of every day.  What are they writing about you?

“It’s constant.  It’s a constant conversation.  We have customers and they have customers.  We have employees and staff, shareholders, strategic partners, vendors and the community at large.  Thankfully I have a group of very talented and dedicated staff and they work with equally talented and creative companies that help us tell our stories and keep up the conversation.”

We are entering a co-authoring age. 

The above quote was from a recent project in which we were bringing to life the needs of today’s marketing leader.  In this aggregate persona, I defined the need for a brand to develop a strong core positioning and message hierarchy in order to keep the co-authored story “on brand”. 

The very notion of “on brand” is becoming outdated as more and more our customers are writing stories about our brands.  If we are not proactive, we might find others writing our stories—and in turn that which prospective consumers believe—for us.

How do we co-author?  There are thousands of ways to do this, but the first and foremost thing to do is understand who your best customers are and the nature of the shared experience you want with them. 

Questions?  Call me.

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