ConsumerX Retail 

ConsumerX Retail is a retail consultancy focused on the nexus of consumer behavior, technology and creativity. We provide insight, strategy and planning services across the worlds of online and offline retail. Specialties include:
digital & mobile merchandising, digital signage, retail and marketing strategy, customer journey mapping, consumer experience design, core positioning and translating business strategy into design strategy.

The anatomy of a digital merchandising system

You might think of dynamic visual merchandising (DynamicVM) as just screens on a wall: somethin...

Converse Lovejoy Wharf, Boston

What Works: Almost everything. This is one of the best examples of dynamic VM I’ve found. Eighteen squares –...

American Eagle Outfitters, Times Square, New York

What Works: Form, presence, motion. In a sea of bright lights, the sculptural form of this...

Macy's click and collect, Easton Town Center, Columbus, Ohio

What Works: Screens doing what they do best: capturing the attention of customer...

Verizon Device Wall, Mall of America, Bloomington, Minn.

Verizon Wireless Destination Store, Mall of America, Bloomington, Minn. 

What Works:...

We are in the early days of a tectonic shift in retail. Consumers are harder than ever to understand. The role of the store is in flux, and...

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Led by
Chuck Palmer, ConsumerX is focused on understanding and developing ideal retail experiences.
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