ConsumerX Retail 

ConsumerX Retail is a retail consultancy focused on the nexus of consumer behavior, technology and creativity. We provide insight, strategy and planning services across the worlds of online and offline retail. Specialties include:
digital & mobile merchandising, digital signage, retail and marketing strategy, customer journey mapping, consumer experience design, core positioning and translating business strategy into design strategy.

The new DSW lab store contains what appears to be a Nike pop-up shop.

Nike visual merchandising at pop-up shop inside DSW. 

Nike orange Christ...

The benefit of all this technology and the services that go along with it, is to make our retail operations work better for staff and custom...

#NRF17: Focus on People, Cognitive Retail, Bundled Tech, Localization & Personalization

Social media has similarities to, but is not the same as shopping with others in a social way. The content and context of social media in it...

We find ourselves again considering the state of retail and predictions of its demise. This time around, it's hard to not think all hell is...

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Led by
Chuck Palmer, ConsumerX is focused on understanding and developing ideal retail experiences.
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