DynamicVM: Microsoft

Microsoft Flagship Store, Fifth Avenue, New York


What Works: Volume, volume, volume! As the primary visual merchandising tool, the large arrays draw people in and effectively change the environment from moment to moment.


What Doesn’t: There is little to no blending or dialog between the one-way, advertising-level messaging on the screens and the products for sale. For example, the Surface products are featured on the screens, but they are not displayed close to the screens. There is little to no interactivity, and while this happens with the products and the staff, the screens could be used to turn tourists into brand adopters. (One exception to the lack of digital interaction, the second floor Minecraft feature anchors the Minecraft department and allows customers to play the game on a larger-than-life 12-screen array.)


Why: Spectacle. The sheer number of screens and the content on them is impressive. They command attention and make customers pause and consider the message, products and brand.


Read the DynamicVM series here : http://www.vmsd.com/taxonomy/term/15157


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