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DynamicVM: American Eagle Outfitters, Times Square New York

American Eagle Outfitters, Times Square, New York

American Eagle Outfitters, Dynamic Visual Merchandising Screens, New York

What Works: Form, presence, motion. In a sea of bright lights, the sculptural form of this digital “billboard” stands out. The content is tailored to cascade down from the smaller screens to the larger screen closest to the street. Its user-generated content is an excellent way to bring customers into the fold, from wherever they connect with the brand, and elicits a sense of community.

What Doesn’t: The lack of immediacy. In any user-generated campaign, the content must be supervised and filtered. In this case, an AEO customer standing in Times Square can’t immediately interact with the sign. Ideally, when a grand gesture like this is made, it resonates beyond the execution. For example, the Forever 21 interactive billboard shows a model looking out over Time Square and plucks pedestrians out and puts them in her shopping bag, among other things.

Why: This works because it is concept-driven, not technology-driven. While that tower might not be the ideal form, it is a beacon and naturally draws the eye. The corner allows all sorts of interesting applications, as well as the possibility of interactive engagement.

Read the DynamicVM series here :

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