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DynamicVM: Apple, Union Square

Apple, Union Square, San Francisco

Apple Store, Union Square, San Francisco, Dynamic Visual Merchandising and Digital Screens

Couresy of Apple, Cupertino, CA

What Works: That screen! It acts as a beacon to draw in tourists and locals. It is beautifully designed into this impressive flagship store’s interior, creating major curb appeal through its glass façade.

What Doesn’t: While I’m sure whatever appears on the screen is beautiful … Oh, what am I saying? There’s nothing wrong with this.

Why: It’s hard to argue with the super-high resolution of a massive 6K video wall, but size only matters when the content is just as big. Apple has ambitious plans to use the impressive video wall in the store’s “Forum” space for education, creative and gaming events and movie and music premieres. This goes well beyond moving the merchandise in their hometown flagship store – it’s grand gesturing at its best.

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