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DynamicVM: Connect @ Macy's

Macy's Click and Collect, Easton Town Center Dynamic Visual Merchandising Screens

Macy's click and collect, Easton Town Center, Columbus, Ohio

What Works: Screens doing what they do best: capturing the attention of customers and facilitating sales. Macy’s created this digital beacon for their new click and collect (C&C) service.

What Doesn’t: The video loop on the messaging screen is repetitive. If a customer has to wait for an associate to retrieve a purchase or gather more information, the screen can soon become boring. I observed customers quickly returning to their smartphones. Instead, this could sense products being picked up and present relevant messages (without disclosing the customers’ purchases or preferences).

Why: Behaviorally, C&C is still new and many customers are trying it out for the first time. This display uses a nice combination of techniques to deliver a clear sense of where to go to collect their purchases.

Read the DynamicVM series here :

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