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DynamicVM: Converse

Converse Lovejoy Wharf, Boston

Converse, Lovejoy Wharf Store, Flagship, Dynamic Visual Merchandising Screens

What Works: Almost everything. This is one of the best examples of dynamic VM I’ve found. Eighteen squares – 15 static and three in motion; a perfect blend of traditional and digital. I love how the video clips evoke the tone and attitude of Converse’s All Star and Chuck Taylor brands and the static squares put the T-shirts available below on display.

What Doesn’t: There’s no real visual hierarchy; it’s easy to focus on the video and not the T-shirts. However, the point of this entire store is to tell the Chuck Taylor and All Star stories, so this flaw is very forgivable.

Why: The blend of analog and digital. The screens are the same size as the T-shirt frames and add just enough animation to draw the eye from anywhere in the store.

Read the DynamicVM series here :

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