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DynamicVM: What Works, What Doesn’t and Why

Macy's Flower Show, in-store Dynamic Visual Merchandising

Do you remember the first time you went to Times Square or saw a Barneys Christmas window? Think about the annual spring Macy's Flower Show or the local Whole Foods produce department. Do you remember the first time you stopped and drank it all in?

The magic of visual merchandising makes you pause and take notice.

As I consider what works and what doesn’t when retailers and brands blend emerging technology with traditional visual merchandising – aka Dynamic VM – I think it’s important to shine a spotlight on the good stuff. There are and have been a wide variety of experiments and attempts to use screens, beacons, sensors and the like to improve sales. There are many, many examples of bad executions resulting in stale content on the screen, dead screens or product configurators no one wants to use. Many get installed only to be pulled out a few fiscal years later and labeled failures.

In the following posts, I'll be addressing some of the best examples of tech in visual merchandising.

Read the DynamicVM series here :

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