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DynamicVM: Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff, SoHo, New York

Rebecca Minkoff Store, Dynamic Visual Merchandising Screen, Fitting Room

Courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff, New York

What Works: Rebecca Minkoff has built her brand squarely with the customer at the center. The store leverages customers’ digital lifestyles to inform a high-touch in-store experience. The mobile app makes it easy to let the store know when you’ll be there and what you’d like to try on. The staff sets up a connected fitting room with your choices.

What Doesn’t: The large mirror in the main showroom can be a bit of distraction from the products on display. It acts like an endless aisle application, which is appropriate since many Rebecca Minkoff customers are happy to receive their purchases at home.

Why: The store is defined as “just another touchpoint,” and the information that comes from the interactive experiences builds more data to use strategically, just as the web and mobile experiences do.

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